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    It might go off!?

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    I got to TH9 but it's quite stale at that point.
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    evening, motherfuckers

    sup frankie
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    Ted Cruz's chances of becoming president

    I think he's probably gunning for a VP pick and/or just PR in general.
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    The tubes don't reach that far
  6. FreddieMercury

    Fox News the most trusted news source

    I'm pretty sure Kim's glorious behind is getting more attention. I mean, look: https://twitter.com/kimsass It even has its own Twitter account.
  7. FreddieMercury

    Politics & War

    I created some account but never bothered to get into it. I honestly don't think it will reach any kind of critical mass nationstates or cybernations did, especially with all of the competition out there divvying up the hardcore (EVE) and casual crowd (CoC).
  8. FreddieMercury

    The American Revolution

    The colonists had nothing to do with Prussia, to be asked to foot the bill for Prussia's ambitions to keep Silesia is unreasonable. Britain overplayed its hand and lost a valuable colony as a result. It's as simple as that.
  9. FreddieMercury

    The American Revolution

    The ironic thing about all these taxes is that they are born out Britain's to financial desperation after the 7 Year's War. I call it ironic because it was due to the same reason France got into dire straits after the American Revolution-- subsiding an ally's war efforts. France greatly subsidized the Colonies, leading to its French Revolution. Britain greatly subsidized Prussia's war efforts, leading to its American Revolution. This was a poorly timed tax issued in 1764 (The war only ended in 1763). It was imposed right during an economic depression in the colonies. On top of that, it indirectly taxed rum which already had a slim profit margin. So it was a double whammy that caused much economic pain. Issued in 1765, this was in the same boat as the Sugar Act. This act's goals were more political rather than financial. Reaffirms legality of writs of assistance or rather unjustified search warrants which gave custom officials broad powers to search without probable cause for smuggle goods. Ties the salaries of colonial governors and judges to Parliament rather than the colonial assemblies Townshend said himself that this was merely an act to set a precedent to pave the way for future taxes (given that both the sugar and stamp tax were repealed after staunch opposition) And Britain really upped the anty after resistance to this act by occupying Boston. Same boat as the Townshend act, as it seeks to validate the taxing precedence the Townshend act tried to do. Again, these acts stoked political fires. All these taxes were because Britain decided to go deep into debt to fund Prussia's war machine in Europe, which has little to do with colonial security. Taxation without representation isn't simply a political ideal, it represented the fact that the colonists weren't able to voice their side of the story (i.e. Don't tax us while our economy is in the dumps, Economics 101). And it spiraled downhill fast.
  10. FreddieMercury

    The American Revolution

    From what I understand, the British Crown lost a very valuable piece of territory because it caved to the lobbying of the East India Company-- who primarily sold tea. Also the UK, like all countries, tend to downplay negative and unfortunate events from history. America doesn't much like to talk about the massacres of the Native Americans, Britain tends to gloss over her past failings.
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    I can't recommend Toyota's enough. There's a reason why the most popular car company with people with a net value greater than 1 million is Toyota. The engineering is designed for longevity and they can take a substantial amount of abuse from your average Joe. I'm driving a 2002 Honda Accord, many things have just stopped working over time. I can't adjust my side mirrors and I can't even open my right rear window. The right windshield spray nozzle also stopped working and the left one doesn't work properly. The little annoyances are aggravating. Not with my old '99 Toyota Corolla though, the sugar just works. My old irresponsible roommate drove a '97 Corolla which he abused the sugar out of. He didn't change the oil for so long that it turned into sludge and took hours to pump out. It still operated! Not to mention Toyota's hold their re-sale value like no other. I regularly see dinky old '95 Corolla's, etc go for 5k. Insane! And I imagine European models are way better than American ones.
  12. Easy, 1) Use alien brilliance to start wildly successful businesses 2) Use the profits to lobby and buy political influence 3) Help install climate change denying leaders 4) Let the global warming sort things out Or they could just idly wait 200 years and claim credit for it.
  13. FreddieMercury

    The End for the US Constitution?

    Hopefully an amendment limiting big money politics, but knowing the government as it is it would be an amendment promoting big money politics.
  14. FreddieMercury

    What are you listening to right now?

    Phoenix - Rally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG8zWZpRcS8
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    Short Films

    Does this count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFosUj6A22c
  16. FreddieMercury

    What is your opinion of Ronald Reagan?

    Its widely acknowledged that the Soviet economy stalled in the 1970s, long before Reagan came to the White House. On top of that, during the time before Gorbachev while Reagan was in office, relations with the USSR got significantly chillier due to Reagan policy. It was dumb luck that Gorbachev came to power (the premature deaths of two Soviet Leaders) when he did. When Gorbachev came to power THAT was when relations began to thaw. I have no doubt that personal diplomacy is important in international relations, but I am a strong believer that ANY President would have been able to facilitate the collapse of the USSR. Personal diplomacy is a very important factor in IR. Just look at Obama and Putin today. There was a meeting in China that both leaders attended, if you look at pictures with both of them or look at their interaction with one another you can tell that the two don't like each other. Our relations with Russia would be in the opposite direction our president was "good" friends with theirs. Not really, Bush and Putin had a really good rapport. But during their time was began the real divergence of contemporary US-Russian relations.
  17. FreddieMercury

    What is your opinion of Ronald Reagan?

    edit: double post
  18. FreddieMercury

    What is your opinion of Ronald Reagan?

    Except estimates by the CIA indicate that the Soviets didn't increase their defense spending in response to Carter's and Reagan's military buildup. So in other words the Soviets saw what America was trying to do, and was like: "Nah".
  19. FreddieMercury

    What is your opinion of Ronald Reagan?

    He's left a terrible legacy in my opinion. Two of the most crippling issues to face America, issues that are so huge that it can (and probably will) end America's global dominance, can be traced back to Reagan. 1) Economic Inequality Reagan loved the phrase "Trickle Down Economics". Basically reward the rich and everyone else down on the ladder will benefit. Reagan's policies reflected that belief and it's been very influential on modern American conservative politicians Except... it doesn't work. At all. For example, America had a so called "recovery" after the Great Recession of 2008, but it was mostly by the top 1% and not everybody else. And the suppressed wages and economic hardship can be clearly seen today. 2) Racial Disparity The conditions that has led to race riots in Ferguson can be largely contributed to the so called "War on Drugs". While Nixon was the one that started the "War on Drugs", Reagan took it to a new level with mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug crimes, the kicker is that in practice it is only enforced on minorities. And gosh darnit who woulda thought it would absolutely wreck minority communities when you put black men in jail for 10 years for the heinous crime of smoking weed. That guy isn't learning economically valuable skills that will benefit his community, the only thing he learns is how to be more criminal. Cue vicious cycle. Furthermore, "minority" populations in the US aren't that small. In fact, by 2042 white people will be less than 50% of the American population. That means on the current path we are now, we're going to have a pretty significant disenfranchised population in the future. Now Reagan didn't act in a vacuum, but it can't be denied he played a big role in where America's precarious state is today.
  20. FreddieMercury

    NADC Book Club

    On China by Henry Kissinger. A book by the key man behind one of the Cold War's monumental diplomatic moves: formation of the anti-soviet alliance between China and the U.S. The book is very readable and is really great way to understand China's rather unique approach to geopolitics, but Kissinger is like Churchill-- their books are meant to improve their perception so to speak.
  21. FreddieMercury

    Ferguson, Missouri

    I think a root cause of crime and thus gun-crime and over-policing is the marginalization of Black people in America. http://www.citylab.com/crime/2012/12/geography-us-gun-violence/4171/ I mean, if you look at this list: Cities with the Highest Rates of Gun-Related Homicides (per 100,000 people) Rank City City Rate Metro Rate City/Metro Ratio 1 New Orleans 62.1 24.1 2.6 2 Detroit 35.9 9.3 3.9 3 Baltimore 29.7 10.3 2.9 4 Oakland, CA 26.6 7.1 3.7 5 Newark 25.4 3.3 7.7 6 St. Louis 24.1 7.2 3.3 7 Miami 23.7 6.3 3.8 8 Richmond 23.1 7.4 3.1 9 Philadelphia 20 7.8 2.6 10 Washington, D.C. 19 5.5 3.5 All of the cities on the top 10 cities are extremely segregated. If you go to any of them you will know to avoid the "Ghetto" areas-- aka where all the Black people are. And in those areas, jobs are hard to come by and people there are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. The so called "War on Drugs" has only compounded this issue-- disproportionately affecting African Americans and throwing them in jail for drug use. And the US prison system is hardly re-formative, rather it does a better job in turning small time criminals into bigger criminals. TL;DR- it's a giant sugar-fest
  22. FreddieMercury

    Ferguson, Missouri

    Yeah, the officer sounds like me when I play SWAT 4. I'm supposed to only point my weapon at the old grandma and tell her to get on the ground, but instead I get a little trigger happy and accidentally shoot her in the face. Good thing that only points are deducted at the end of the mission. tl;dr I shouldn't be a cop "accidentally" Freddy? Lol. I "accidentally" dropped a smoke grenade in an Iraqi hut once because we were looking for the guys nephew who just happened to be in their refrigerator. Sounds like the grandma on the game is a threat to your authoritay, I'd gun her down too. In my defense, all her screaming when I bust through her porch door unannounced made me feel threatened. I mean jeez, why would grandma scream if she wasn't cooking meth?
  23. FreddieMercury

    Ferguson, Missouri

    Yeah, the officer sounds like me when I play SWAT 4. I'm supposed to only point my weapon at the old grandma and tell her to get on the ground, but instead I get a little trigger happy and accidentally shoot her in the face. Good thing that only points are deducted at the end of the mission. tl;dr I shouldn't be a cop
  24. FreddieMercury

    Ferguson, Missouri

    If one country systematically oppresses a group of people-- expect violence. Just look at the French revolution, Israel-Palestine, or even the American Revolution. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but don't be surprised.