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  1. United Martini

    Dallas Shootings

    It's very sad across the board...
  2. United Martini

    Sexay NADC Fan Theories

    We make up fan theories like fans of popular film/video game franchises about the NADC and her members...I'll start! HouseArrest started playing CN because he was actually on house arrest at the time. The NADC originally broke off of a now defunct alliance called OIN back in 2006. OIN's founder/leader was a player named Dark Wizard. What if "our" Dark Wizard is really him coming back every few months to troll the members of the NADC for the rest of eternity?!? Tiagoroth and ECVI are the SAME PERSON!! I'm not saying this one is true, I've just never seen them in the same place at the same time before... Both CN and the NADC aren't actually real. It's all been part of a very intricate dream we've been having. We're all really coma patients in the hospital whose consciousnesses have invaded one another's. Now come up with some of your own. I wanna see some crazy fan theories that might actually be true!
  3. Who else shall I insult as "Donald Trump"?
  4. United Martini

    'Allo 'Allo

    Great conversation the other day. So glad to see you've come back!
  5. United Martini

    Essential Poll- Need Help, Please Respond!

    Possibly because of the sketch where he played the leader of the Klu Klux Klan. He was blind and didn't know he was black. No one told him. It was a laugh riot. And Dubs, you have to go with A. If that isn't you, nothing is.
  6. United Martini

    New signature tags for NADC officials

    Those are some nice tag there, Azure. And since you've done all that, you may as well redo the seals, headers, flag, medals, and my sig from way back in the day. During my time in the Foreign Affairs Department I called them "ambassadors." Pretty sure that that carried on after I left thru to Aurelius' tenure. I know that "delegates" was in usage before I took over. Never did like that title for some reason.
  7. United Martini

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope. Me again. Zy?
  8. United Martini

    Who Will Post Next?

    Martini Returns! ECVI!?
  9. United Martini

    Thoughts on Ron Paul

    A lot of college boys love the guy. But then they also love Ayn Rand and her Objectivism at that age.
  10. United Martini

    Marijuana, should it be legal....

    No kidding! After my first doobie,I just snacked on the usual, you know - potato chips, Cheetos... Now I'm freebasing nacho cheese and have to sell my body just to get my Little Debbie fix I've got some three month old, half-eaten, stale ass cereal if you want to come over my house....
  11. United Martini

    What American political party are you?

    Nitpicking, in my opinion. I think it comes from a good place, but the GOP has a definite problem representing itself. It has for a long, long time. They always appear socially awkward or lacking in emotional intelligence. Just a little bit behind in whatever they do PR wise. When I see something like this I think of Richard Nixon: well meaning, but trying too hard. There's always that one out of place or missing word that their critics are eager to jump on. Thats what i was thinking I know. I expected most in the NADC to share the Republican/Conservative viewpoint. What makes you say that? NADC doesn't really have a political vibe at all to me. Alliances like TPF, CCC and the countless commie alliances tend to have a strong political aura. I don't see that vain of politics within NADC, So I'm wondering how you are coming to that perception? An observation that I had from a long while back until recently was that much of the NADC establishment were mostly very conservative in their politics. I don't mean to imply that it was a negative thing.
  12. United Martini

    What American political party are you?

    Hate that guy! Also hate how the Puerto Rican Independence Party isn't represented. Why is that?
  13. United Martini

    What American political party are you?

    Thats what i was thinking I know. I expected most in the NADC to share the Republican/Conservative viewpoint.
  14. United Martini

    What American political party are you?

    82% Democrats, on domestic policy, economic, social, and healthcare issues. 76% Green Party, on environmental, social, immigration, healthcare, economic, and science issues. 57% Socialist, on healthcare issues. 39% Libertarians, on social issues. 8% Republicans, on science issues. Guess I should turn in my Republican card. I hate these tests, it's hard not to write a mini-essay on each question just to clarify one's position. Some things can't be dumbed-down.
  15. United Martini

    Announcement & Party

    Can I touch your beard?