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  1. Frank


    this thread is an abortion
  2. Frank


    "Justice is incidental to law and order" ...wait, that's not right...
  3. Frank

    NADC Book Club

    I originally read this short story in Kurt Vonnegut's Palm Sunday, an excellent read in its own right. The short story, The Big Space Fuck is about the inhabitants of a dying Earth launching a rocket ship full of jizzum at the Andromeda galaxy in an attempt to proliferate the human species. You can read it here: http://www.pierretristam.com/Bobst/07/wf041307.htm
  4. Frank

    evening, motherfuckers

    Frankdolf - resigned, after playing a central role in foiling a government coup, no less! Medici - expelled. Fester - In an illegal move by the government, Fester's votes in the AC election were deleted. He was then forced to resign. A dark day for Atlantican democracy and transparency, indeed. Baron Flynt - resigned..?
  5. Frank

    evening, motherfuckers

    I've been expelled once, good sir. All expulsions after that had everything to do with that one event and nothing to do with any actions after it. I demand they be expunged from my record. Now that my name is cleared and I am 100% eligible for immortal status, I demand a champion!
  6. Frank

    evening, motherfuckers

    I am at this moment completely un-inebriated and in good health and clear mind. gimme gimme gimme
  7. Frank

    evening, motherfuckers

    I'mbhere to apply for immortal mask. let me know what info neeeded for app/ will not supply ssn dont ask
  8. Frank

    evening, motherfuckers

    what you folks been up to
  9. Frank

    'Allo 'Allo

    get a load of this guy!
  10. Frank

    Marijuana, should it be legal....

    No kidding! After my first doobie,I just snacked on the usual, you know - potato chips, Cheetos... Now I'm freebasing nacho cheese and have to sell my body just to get my Little Debbie fix
  11. Frank

    What American political party are you?

    I got the conservative vibe too. I think it just comes from years of conversations where religion or politics invariably shows up. Also, some things come up where people show conservative tendencies / "mah moral sensibilities! * " in things like the bit of drama with Lailander from a few years back. * to be read in foghorn leghorn voice
  12. Frank

    What American political party are you?

    Democrats- 80% domestic, economic, environmental, science Green Party- 77% foreign policy, environmental, social, science, healthcare Socialist- 41% healthcare, immigration Libertarian- 39% no major issues GOP- 3% no major issues in ralph nader's name I pray, amen
  13. Frank

    MCXA Member Mask Request

    Can a brother get a mask?
  14. Frank

    Announcement & Party

    oh ho ho check this guy out
  15. Frank

    Announcement & Party

    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.