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  1. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    We all die MartiniLand, why not die doing what you like to do? You know die happy? Mortality is something we as Mortal creatures must come to terms with. My 2 loves are smoking and racing cars. Also I love junk food, basically anything that isn't good for you If it's healthy or good for you I probably hate it
  2. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    the shots are a quick poke and your done until the next round of injections (I get 2 sets of injections a year) the pills are a breeze to take, Nicotine withdrawals are a bitch in heet, I fear them more than any smoking related illness. plus I don't believe the outcome of enduring that hell justifies quitting. besides I like to smoke, it is fun, relaxing and pleasurable.
  3. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    Heart attacks and emphysema are the biggest killers in my family too. but hey, i look at it this way, we all die, some of us like to have fun in the process, that's why, even though most of my family died from smoking related illness, I still smoke 1 pack-1.5 packs a day. I rather enjoy smoking. As for the smell, suck it up, be a man, even if they shut down all tobacco factories, pulled them from sale, all that would do is cause a repeat of the prohibition era. It's here to stay whether you like it or not, just quit ur bitchin, suck it up and take it like a man
  4. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    There's cities and towns that have ordinences banning smoking on all city property (Side walks, streets etc) you can't even smoke in your car without getting pulled over, that was pulled off by ruling Smoking a distraction. you can only smoke in your own home. It's cause of non smokers whining and bitching, sticking their nose in other people's business.
  5. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    we all die, why not enjoy the process?
  6. EJ Smith

    Why Didn't The Sinner Above You Get Raptured?

    Martini Land didn't get raptured cause God has him on /ignore
  7. EJ Smith

    Smoking in Public

    You haven't even touched on cities/towns that have total public smoking bans, I mean seriously getting fined for smoking in your car or for smoking while walking down the street is wayyy over the top.
  8. EJ Smith


    ummmm what is MW3?
  9. EJ Smith

    Holy $%&#

    Are you rich?
  10. EJ Smith

    Ban the Person Above you

    Bann'd for being too awesome
  11. EJ Smith

    Holy $%&#

    there is also absolutely no oversight or quality control. companies like microsoft and apple can get away with selling a shoddy product for an inflated price. That and foreign corporations can get away with dumping their factory defects off on the US market for insane prices, they get extremely rich that way. We need the kind of oversight the UK has. I feel that would benefit the US well. also pricing standards, companies sell their stuff for wayyy more than it's worth. also our wages, our upper income brackets are but average income in europe. proportionately it costs us twice as much to live as it costs you guys. our wages don't match our cost of living, not by a longshot. would any of you in europe take a $7.50USD/Hour job?
  12. EJ Smith

    Who Will Post Next?

    AWESOME! iClean?
  13. EJ Smith

    Who Will Post Next?

    *Stands up, beats chest* I'M BOB JANOVA! Next is c2t..
  14. EJ Smith

    Holy $%&#

    the problem isn't the rich, it's our governments imposing such high taxes and tarifs small businesses can barely get by. the big corporations get off light. small businesses and mid sized chains are the majority of the jobs in the western world. remember a lot of them protesters busted ass working their way through college only to emerge and find the jobs they sought simply aren't there. The protests are aimed at piss poor economic policies, not the rich social class.
  15. EJ Smith

    Holy $%&#

    It was ok and a constitutional guarenteed right when it was a peaceful protest against corruption. but when it stopped being peaceful and got hijacked by Anarchists and commie pinkos it stopped being ok, became illegal, and immoral, thus I can't be supportive of it. Say it gains the momentum the Tahrer square protests did in libya, what do you think the outcome will be?