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  1. Da Supe

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope... Boredom?
  2. Da Supe

    Member Pictures

    NOOOO! What happened to the pics you posted? You've officially lost the challenge
  3. Da Supe

    Member Pictures

    This thread needs a big bump... A SecGen during his vacation in May 2010... guess which one and where
  4. Da Supe

    Mutant combat kangaroos

  5. Da Supe

    Survivor: North Atlantic Defense Coalition All Stars

    Sign me up as well then
  6. Da Supe

    Who Will Post Next?

    Unfortunately not... Dark Wizard.
  7. Da Supe

    The Geography Game

  8. Da Supe

    Animal Game

  9. Da Supe

    Who Will Post Next?

    Of course not C2Talon.
  10. Da Supe

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Where's Lai?
  11. Da Supe

    Animal Game

  12. Da Supe

    The Geography Game

  13. Da Supe

    Who Will Post Next?

    Yes you?
  14. Da Supe

    RE: Lailander

    Why does TankKiller belittle all fine social standards? Anger? Fear? Stupidity? Some deep foolish urging of its soul? The answer cannot easily be found, but even its most macabre brethren are trained in the use of force, deadly force, advanced weaponry, and offensive and defensive tactics. It is requisite, even in this summary sketch, to go back a few years to see how its reasoning is circular and therefore invalid. In other words, it always begins an argument with its conclusion (e.g., that we should derive moral guidance from its glitzy, multi-culti, hip-hop, consumption-oriented fairy tales) and therefore—not surprisingly—it always arrives at that very conclusion. In closing, I consider this letter to be required reading for everyone who still cares that a "respected" member of TankKiller's gang recently said (to closely paraphrase), "Enveloping us in a nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror is essential for the safety and welfare of the public". Unfortunately, with our nation's media being as controlled as it is, there's no way that this letter will be widely publicized. Therefore, I'm counting on you to pass on this letter to all of your e-mail contacts. Thank you.
  15. Da Supe

    Our SecGen has gained another level.

    Damnit Tank, didn't you think they could put 2 and 2 together!? Go to your room! Thanks everyone
  16. Da Supe

    I'm Back.

    Good to have you back again
  17. Da Supe

    Remask Request

    Sorry, we don't really care for those TFD guys around here... why would we let them have an embassy on our forums?
  18. Da Supe

    POST 2000!

    Congrats on joining "my" 2k club Lai
  19. Da Supe

    The Geography Game

    Eastern Mole?
  20. Da Supe

    Animal Game

    Eastern Mole!