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  1. Michael Martin

    For Lost Fans!

  2. Michael Martin

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    Kochers just liked the fact that she wore a tight uniform. I think Enterprise had potential. For the first two seasons, I was violently opposed to it. Then I started watching and the shows were actually pretty good.
  3. Michael Martin

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    I found Seven to be one of the most interesting characters on the show. As for Star Wars, I do agree that Lucas is incapable of crafting dialogue. I didn't like how they refused to use contractions even when it would have made the sentence flow more naturally. I do agree that more could have been done with the movies. But the books are fantastic. I really do enjoy them.
  4. Michael Martin

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    How DARE you! Star Wars is not ruined! The new movie ruined Star Trek. Voyager was a good show....kinda.
  5. Michael Martin

    Voting Age

    It's not off topic. Fairness was one of reasons mentioned. I offered a longer and more colorful way of saying, "Life isn't fair."
  6. Michael Martin


    You should pick your best friend. Bros before hoes.
  7. Michael Martin


    LOL Very likely. If we don't kill eachother first.
  8. Michael Martin

    What the hell is wrong with Europe?!?

    Before going further, please watch this video. Now I know the CBN is not known for unbiased news. But the things being said in those protests (taking place in Europe, not some middle eastern country) can't be ignored. Why the HELL is Europe allowing this? In America, you can protest all you want. But once you start trying to incite violence, you've committed a crime and you WILL be arrested. Can the European people truly be so stupid that they can't see the threat this poses? The guy who tried to set off a firebomb on Broadway a few days ago got his fireworks from a store a few counties over from me. He probably drove that van THROUGH my county and that pisses me off. Who the hell do these people think they are? They come to our country and then they work to harm MY people?!? As much as I hated Bush, I would take him as a leader over ANY of those bearded pricks in that video. I'm going to say one thing about this "Nuke America" chant. Go ahead and nuke us and you fuckers will TRULY know fear. Hopefully Allah will be able to piece you back together so you can enjoy your virgins you freaks. The very fact that these idiots have angered me to the point where I am calling them bearded pricks should be a sign. If you don't have a chance with a person like me, who is pretty tolerant, you don't have a chance in hell PERIOD.
  9. Michael Martin

    The modern-day Falklands crisis.

    It's amazing how much of an effect Napoleon has had on the territorial boundaries of the world, even to this day.
  10. Michael Martin


    This one is funny! Stouffers to Incluce Suicide Prevention Tips on Single Serve Meals
  11. Michael Martin

    A Tool To Deceive and Slaughter

    It would appear to have been a bad investment.
  12. Michael Martin

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    ....I think you missed the point of the post. LOL
  13. Michael Martin


  14. Michael Martin


    Which could be why they haven't made contact. Maybe they're waiting to see if we evolve into a friendlier group.
  15. Michael Martin


    Jesus Christ. You make my head hurt. I've never heard so many science fiction references in one post. What I'm talking about are real aliens. One thing the Hubble has managed to do is to show us just how large the universe really is. We'll probably never know the true size but so far what we have seen is that there are billions of stars just in our galaxy. We've managed to also see other galaxies with the Hubble and they've discovered that there are millions of galaxies (just within our range). Now from a statistics standpoint, the possibility of another planet having some form of sentient life increases with the discovery of every galaxy. Hell, there could even be sentient life in OUR galaxy. But from a statistical standpoint, the possibility of this one planet being the only planet with sentient life in the entire universe becomes impossible. Sure, alot of things happened for life to EVOLVE (yes, I said it!) on this planet. But when you have a nearly infinite number of planets for the same conditions to happen, it's likely it did.