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  1. Blitzkrieg1939

    Gun Control: Do more guns = more crime?

    Musky is spot on.
  2. Blitzkrieg1939

    Who would win in a battle?

    I consider the Russian Spetsnaz to be the most well trained (known) special forces unit in the world. The training they undergo can only be survived by super humans
  3. Blitzkrieg1939


    I'm giving the US 50 years given its current economic state and its rival, China's rising power
  4. Blitzkrieg1939

    Can we discriminate on weight

    I've no respect for fat (yes I said it) people who have no pre-existing health issue (like unavoidable health problems that come with age). Some would say that I eat unhealthily which they are most likely right. But when a person runs over 10 miles a day to train for 5k's and 1600 meter races they have a right to eat what they see fit. People should take responsibility for their weight and make adjustments to insure their personal health. Exercise isn't fun but unless you're living off the land and hunting wild deer through the forest for your next meal, exercise is necessary.
  5. Blitzkrieg1939

    Is There a God?

    I struggle with religion. I was raised as a southern Baptists and taught the Bible and such. As a teen I thought more and more about a God's existence. I've personally seen no miracles or signs of a supreme being. I've only been led to have blind faith which I find very difficult. I'm almost and in-the-closest atheist but my whole family believes I still believe. I never understood how if God could do anything like create the universe and see the future, how could he not instantly stop evil and Satan. Why would babies and people not exposed to Christianity go to hell if they had no way of knowing of his word? These are questions I cannot find the answer to.
  6. Blitzkrieg1939

    Would the USA be the same?

    Just wondering how and why you classify the United States as a socialist economy. While there are several aspects that might be socialistic, I think that anybody that regards them as unneeded is certainly misguided. The military, the highway system, the police department, the fire department, libraries, public lighting of streets, and the school system would all be lost if we were a truly capitalist economy. Everybody would fend for themselves, enjoy building your own roads to get to work or raising your own military to defend yourself. Socialism is needed in a limited sense, and that is the truth. To classify the US as a socialistic economy is totally off base in my opinion. In my book, having a state(government) run postal service, subsidized farms, government mandated health care, restrictions on big business, high taxation on wealthy, wellfare programs, child support programs, government grants, social security and other retirement pensions, disability pay, and more all show signs of a socialist country.
  7. Blitzkrieg1939

    Would the USA be the same?

    There is an extremely high possibility that Puerto Rico will become the 51st state in the next 10-20 years. Last year, 61% of Puerto Ricans voted for statehood. (the country votes each year) There are some legal things to be resolved before it can officially enter the Union. Note: Puerto Rico's education system is sub par compared to the other 50 states and its crime rate is relatively high. There is no doubt this will hurt our already struggling socialist economy.
  8. Blitzkrieg1939

    Tell us about yourself

    Real name: Леомиски Чревченко Age: 21 Gender: Male Work/Career/School/College: In college Hobbies/Interests: Girls, Video Games, History, Military, Running, Soccer, Flying Cake or cookie?: cookie cake ( or just cake without icing) Music taste: Some Rock, alot of indie rock/alternative stuff (that gets big 3 months after i listen to it) some pop, no country or rap ever Film/book tastes: Action movies, war movies, comedy movies, Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising is the best book known to man. Rain or sun?: Rain, I love those 75 Degree days where its about to rain, you can just smell it Summer or winter?: winter (russians love it More about you: I was born in Vladivostok, Russia on the pacific coast of Russia north of China. I am a somewhat conservative US citizen (lol wut) and i'm for small government less taxes less welfare. I try to keep politics out of my NADC life however.