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  1. United Martini

    Announcement & Party

    So .... here it is, gents. I'm resigning from the NADC effective one-thirty seven tomorrow afternoon eastern standard time (GMT -5). Why 1:37PM, you ask? I don't know -- it just seemed like the most random time I could think of. Oh, why am I resigning? Well that's a bit more complicated.... You have to understand that I am not bitter about anything I just feel like I am as far as I can go here -- at least I am for the time being. No, I'm not going to settle for a deputy position; no, I'm not going to win votes back into government by shaking hands and playing nice. I still feel like I want to play the game so I'm jumping ship to an alliance that needs all the help it can get in order to prove that I can still play the game. That alliance is Kingdom of Hyrule which was just reintroduced a couple days ago after a few month hiatus. I love the NADC and, even though it may not seem so, I'm very fond of all of you. You are all headed for greatness under Tiagoroth so I'm not even going to bother wishing you guys luck. Luck is for losers. I'll be back someday. Until then let's use this thread for an epic PAAAR-TAH!!!! No drama, no tears. Let's get this asshole to 1,000 & I'll be back by that time, I'm sure! *Serves up some drinks*