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Found 1 result

  1. MistressMisfit

    An Apology to the Nations of NADC

    Sometimes when you are playing a game with friends you do stupid things. You make bets with someone and you lose and you have to something humiliating or dumb and you all laugh. Sometimes it goes too far and you do something stupid and it actually does hurt someone and that is when you have to step back and own up to what you did and be a woman about it. I sent an outlandish "recruitment" message to nations 1 - 20 of NADC. The message was stupid and rude and one I never thought anyone would take seriously since it was to me, so obviously fake. Everyone knows NADC is a great alliance. They have been around forever, they have stood the test of time. My new little nation with no historical significance messaging these huge nations with 2000+ days in their AA, I really thought it was obvious it was a joke. I realize now though, there are people behind those nations. Those people feel pride in their nations and in the alliance they have built. I realize I never should have played such a prank. This time, it went too far and a great and respected CN institution was insulted. I have learned from this and I will never make light of such a serious matter. NADC, I apologize to you for my foolhardy actions.