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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, I am really not one to smoke marijuana or do any illegal drugs basically for three reasons: (1) The inconvenience of it because of its legal status in the United States, not something you can openly do without conflict, therefore, I'm not interested; (2) it doesn't appeal to my idea of a good time, never has; and (3) I don't want to support those drug cartels who murder a lot of innocent people. Now people are not typically aware of #3. It is rarely something one thinks about before they light up a blunt but it is something everyone needs to be aware of - you should all question where your weed or other drugs are coming from. I believe if more people put these facts together that pot smoking would become less and less recreational. Not so much of a cool think to do anymore. What I want to know is if you smoke marijuana do you have any grips about contributing to the deadly drug trade? Should the prohibition of illegal substances end? Which ones should be legal? Which ones should remain illegal? And tell me your take on the morality of illegal substances in a non-cartel world. If they were legal and regulated would you do them? I'm interested in if we did live in such an unrestrained society what boundaries would our individual characters create for us. Finally, I want everyone to know that if you engage in any of these activities you are a horrible, horrible person and that God, Jesus, the Buddha, and the rest of the Ultimate Super Friends League of Power Rangers will ultimately punish your intoxicated soul by sentencing it to an eternity of unbearable sobriety.