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Debating Society Rules

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Greetings, and welcome to the NADC Debating Society.


This sub-forum has been created for those of you who wish to engage in debates, share your views or gauge opinions on issues.


While this sub-forum is indeed called the "Debating Society", it is also home to the more controversial topics that may be brought up.


Debates can become very heated very quickly, and as such please stick to the following rules:


1. Do not engage in flaming. This consists of posting angry messages or insults.

2. Do not engage in flamebaiting. This consists of inciting others to flame.

3. Keep topics civil. Do not swear, etc.

4. Keep posts well structured. Keep your ideas clear and concise, very few people want to read through 100 lines of waffle to get to one idea.

5. Keep posts aesthetically appealing. This consists of not using just capitals, capitalising the first letter of every word, nor failing to include spaces etc.


Posts which do not adhere to these rules may be deleted without warning.

Topics which continue to be a problem may be closed.


As a guideline, please lay out your topics in an orderly fashion. For example, the title should include the topic you wish to discuss, with the topic description including a bit more information about whether it's a debate or an opinion gauge etc. In the original post content, include more detail about your subject, whilst keeping it concise.


Generally, please attempt to use good grammar and spelling.


Include breaks between paragraphs, as people find this easier to read.


As a last note, this forum can be used to debate ANY issue, so have fun!

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