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Cultural censorship

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Tank, that's the problem. THAT is why we can't fight these people and win. Because the liberals and the British don't like seeing the bodies of dead civilians on television. They don't mind killing OUR civilians, though. As a matter of fact, they target them intentionally to cause terror in the local population.


Look at Pakistan. They have entire cities where shops aren't opening out of fear of a bombing. It's sick and that's the kind of world these people want all of us to live in. A world where they have all the power and where we have none. Until we stop using kid gloves on these bastards, we're never going to be safe.


I can guarantee you that if we started to show them that we don't give a damn about their country or its people, they'd suddenly become more reasonable. Facing annihilation tend to do that to bullies.


Lailander, yes, terrorist attacks are a collection of dates. But you don't see us using justifications from 400 years ago to explain why we're attacking, unlike them. They HONESTLY use the Crusades as a reason for attacking America. America didn't even exist then!

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Because one of the things our nations pride themselves on is the principle of freedom. (Whether or not it's always stuck to is another matter, of course.)


However, if we begin to follow in the footsteps of Islamic nations which ban freedom (to whatever degree), we're giving up an incredibly vital part of our culture, heritage and way of life.


By banning burkhas, they're removing certain aspects of those people's freedom... and surely freedom is something we must desperately cling to.


Game. Check. Match. <clap>

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