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Michael Martin


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What do you people think about bi-partisanship? In America it's used as a buzzword to make the electorate get a warm, fuzzy feeling.


I have a love/hate relationship with bi-partisanship. Some of the biggest accomplishments of America have been totally partisan. Civil rights, slavery, social security, among others. The problem with bi-partisanship is that these days it's being used to water down proposed bills. For example, with the recent health care bill we made so many sacrifices to it that I don't think it was even worth the fight.


The liberal in me wants liberal representatives to fight for my liberal values and stop trying to appease conservatives who didn't elect them. Conservatives never try to appease me. They do what they want and are unapologetic about it.


That's one thing I will give Bush. He pushed his agenda and he didn't care who protested. Even when he was proven to be terribly wrong, he kept going with his agenda.

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The trouble is that with only two parties, when one side doesn't get their way they just sandbag EVERYTHING, regardless of merit, from the other party so they have to water-down everything to get anything passed at all. The fact of the matter is that the people that we put into office seem to almost show no concern for anyone other than their backers and their agenda. Our government is turning into a corporation and a very inefficient one at that.


I'd really rather do away with parties and labels that way we can better focus our attention on the issues. A major problem I have during election times is that many people just vote for a candidate based SOLELY on party.

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