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Welcome to the AMGC Help Desk. If you have any questions about visual media content (images and videos) or the AMGC, you can ask here and our staff will try to fully and satisfactorily answer you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I commission an AMGC artist for work unrelated to the NADC or Cybernations?

A: Of course! It's up to artist discretion to take on any jobs both inside and outside of the AMGC.


Q: What programs do you use?

A: Many of our designers use the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) or use Adobe Photoshop. Some others use Microsoft Paint. It's all about the personal preference and limitations of the artist.


Q: What types of files do you use?

A: It depends on the work. We mostly use .png files for standard web images, .jpg's are used to limit the file size as they tend to compress more and .gif's are used for animated files. Some file extensions may not work in certain contexts and for some file hosts, so we use different formats to suit those purposes.


Q: How do I add an image to my signature?

A: Go to your profile and click on "Edit My Profile." Next, click on "Change Signature." Copy and paste the url the image file is located in example:


and place it within image code brackets
. The resulting code should look like
Finally, click on save changes. Now you should have a signature that the Norse gods would be envious of.


Q: I am trying to add my signature to my profile but I keep getting error [#10210] invalid_ext , can some one help me?

A: The image you are using as a file extension that is unreadable by the forum. Use extension it understands like .jpg or .png .

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How do you guys make such good images? Anybody want to teach me?

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Practice and intuition. I'm by far the most amateur artist here, but my training basically consists of basic (basic) training in Fireworks in a web design class, and massive amounts of messing around in Fireworks, Flash, and Photoshop from then on out. I hear you can find some pretty good Photoshop tutorials online, but I have used not a one.

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Refer here for some good starting tutorials

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