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This'll hopefully be updated as time goes on ;)

Just a catalogue of some things that you may not know about!

  • Hiding topic titles
    If you want to paste a link somewhere but don't want the world to see the title of the topic, you can hide it.
    Simply take the topic ID (the bit before the topic title in the URL) and stick it at the end of "http://forum.cn-nadc.net/index.php?showtopic="

    So, for example, if you didn't want to show that the topic you're linking to is the Geography Game, take the ID...


    and put it at the end of the alternative link...


    Which (fingers crossed) works!

  • Section anchors and links
    Some custom BBCode I added to the forum. This emulates HTML's anchor hook attribute.
    This basically lets you link to a certain part of a page. It can be used to help people effectively navigate around large posts.

    It consists of two parts:

    1. The anchor hook. This is the part that the link will be directed to.
    [xml][anchor=example]This text is now an anchor[/anchor][/xml]
    [anchor=example]This text is now an anchor[/anchor]

    2. The anchor link. This is the link that users will click to go to the relevant anchor. A hash (#) must be placed infront of the hook's name to satisfy HTML's requirements.
    [xml][linka=#example]This links to the above anchor[/linka][/xml]
    [linka=#example]This links to the above anchor[/linka]
    (It jumps down 'cause it puts the anchor at the top of the page.)

    Generally, I would advise against putting text inside an anchor hook. Instead, I would simply place it alongside or above the text you wish to link to. Putting the text inside the anchor hook makes it display in a fairly ugly manner.

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Oh, you can also set a background for your profile! (Only certain groups can do this though. I'm too lazy to set all groups to be able to do it >_>)

http://forum.cn-nadc.net/index.php?/user/2-tankkiller/ :ph34r:

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For iPhone users, a forum viewing app ^_^

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