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I made Aurelius proud.

Yes, you did.


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[20:27] * Molagbal slaps KingWilliam with a rainbow trout

[20:27] hi
[20:29] I've been thinking KingWilliam, lets switch places for a week 
[20:29] Sounds fun
[20:29] Can we annouce it to the owf too?
[20:29] or do you mean
[20:29] I should buy a plane ticket
[20:29] I don't know what direction you're going with this
[20:30] why not?
[20:30] Wel
[20:30] I'm cheap
[20:30] and scared about life
[20:30] Wasn't talking about the plane ticket lol
[20:31] ;-;
[20:33] is Killlman a better servant than Zygon?
[20:35] idk
[20:35] so we switching or what?
[20:35] killman is a terrific servant
[20:35] one of the very best
[20:35] I was there for a while heh
[20:36] sure why not
[20:36] ->> You are now known as Molagbal[invicta]
[20:36] Thanks Haflinger! 
[20:37] lol
[20:38] * KingWilliam is now known as KingWilliam[NADC]
[20:38] * Ericg95[sUN] (~ericg95su@coldfront-4B9CADD0.hsd1.wv.comcast.net) has joined #nadc
[20:38] * ChanServ sets mode +v Ericg95[sUN] for #nadc
[20:38] that looks sexy 
[20:38] somehow this is going to start a war
[20:38] I just know it
[20:38] * Ericg95[sUN] sends da nukes
[20:39] Jorost Wills it Haf
[20:39] * DemonSpawn[RnR] declares war on NADC
[20:39] * spankthefrank (uid160412@coldfront-4796ED5F.ealing.irccloud.com) Quit ( Quit: Connection closed for inactivity )
[20:40] sugar
[20:40] damn its still my problem even when I'm in invicta 
[20:40] curse you DemonSpawn[RnR]
[20:40] We will not be calling in allies.
[20:41] DemonSpawn I'd like to talk to you in our private places.
[20:41] Men, report to your battalions, and follow the CoC.
[20:41] oh cool time to start a war for invicta then 
[20:41] Invicta leader -noooo. Let me yell at you in private
[20:42] Force you to submit. invicta gives in easily to outside opinion.
[20:42] we have private places?
[20:42] It is only when you leave them alone do they go off and do stupid sugar
[20:42] Would you like a specific alliance KingWilliam[NADC] or shall I choose at random?
[20:42] I want you to discuss FA with me, and we shall make the NAdictosphere great again.
[20:42] Let's open up private channels DS. As we are allies.
[20:43] * DemonSpawn[RnR] goes to cancel on NADC
[20:43] Please in private channels.
[20:43] I don't appreciate this happening in public.
[20:43] * #nsa :You need a registered nick to join that channel.
[20:43] BULLSHIT
[20:43] lol
[20:43] * Molagbal[invicta] cancels with DemonSpawn[RnR]
[20:43] * DemonSpawn[RnR] snickers
[20:44] * VanHooIII (VanHooIII@coldfront-B44101D0.san.res.rr.com) Quit ( Ping timeout )
[20:44] Invicta, as your ally, I'd recommend not being a tool in public
[20:44] Talk to DS privately about your secret treaties.
[20:44] That you obviously didn't tell me about, so consider this my intent to cancel.
[20:44] 0/10 Invicta is a sugar ally.
[20:44] >_>
[20:45] I hate Invicta
[20:45] * VanHooIII (VanHooIII@coldfront-B44101D0.san.res.rr.com) has joined #nadc
[20:45] * ChanServ sets mode +h VanHooIII for #nadc
[20:45] Not my fault my predecessor did all this dumb sugar
[20:45] its his fault for being terrible
[20:45] >his
[20:45] Did your predecessor even approve that pronoun?
[20:46] Too lazy to check 
[20:47] So where else can I join to cause a scene?
[20:47] Did u join that sekrit room DemonSpawn[RnR] has?
[20:48] Would you like to discuss things privately using private channels? Or just continue being a shitlord?
[20:48] smh tbh
[20:49] Shitlord, I need to be a bigger one than the predecessor was :D
[20:49] Quite the task.
[20:51] * Isolataway (uid100442@coldfront-9E683F33.richmond.irccloud.com) Quit ( Quit: Connection closed for inactivity )
[20:52] I really don't like how the invicta tag looks, its too long
[20:53] that alone makes me want to switch back 
[20:53] * Brataslavia is now known as Brats[in_shit_ta]
[20:53] lulz
[20:53] Damn
[20:53] gg Brats[in_shit_ta]
[20:54] ->> You are now known as Molagbal[NADC]
[20:54] I'd like it if my ally didnt' insult my other ally in my channel.
[20:54] oh hey. Has anyone ever said "resignixon"
[20:54] That's a clever portumount (spelling)
[20:54] * Britishdude (dylanbaxte@coldfront-FA9784B3.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com) has joined #nadc
[20:54] * ChanServ sets mode +v Britishdude for #nadc
[20:56] * KingWilliam[NADC] is now known as KingWilliam
[20:56] was fun while it lasted eh? 
[20:57] portmanteau?
[20:57] I've resigned from office
[20:57] I'm now a rebel. I belong to no faction
[20:57] Yes Chunky. Thank you
[21:01] rebel without a cause

Why not lol, this was a bit funny I guess lol

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we need more tony2456 in here

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