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Dark Wizard

Are We Alone?

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10% light speed is wayyy too slow. why not just use warp drive and get to Gliesse 581 system in 80 hours?




I'm a huge proponent of FTL (Faster than Light) travel and warp drive propulsion systems.


The speed of light is NOT nature's speed limit, if you could fool the universe into thinking your ship is a Tachyon particle, the slowest them can go is the speed of light.




We move electrons at the speed of light all the time (Electricity) so why not space ships?

anyone who's a hot rodder knows you can achieve any speed you want if you add enough power.

The speed of light is just a speed, it will be achieved, the only question is how and when and for how much money. it's just a matter of building a hot enough engine.

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