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Inspired by IRC: First games played

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Inspired by an IRC conversation of first games and oldest awesome games, a new game:

(I hope this works out)


* Tell us what your first ever game played was and what you thought about it.

* comment on (1 of) the games someone above you mentioned. What did you think about it?


So, as kick-off:




Game: Prince of Persia (1989)

Media: PC

Fun(ny) facts: Played it on an old monochrome 486? laptop that could rightly be called a BRICK

Was good/bad because: Quite an interesting game and somewhat novel at the time since jump-mechanics where mostly correct according to physics (no insanely high jumps like with super mario). Also, you got 1 hour to finish the game, or die trying, and while you COULD skip to the next level with SHIFT+L, the penalty was that you'd only have at most 15 minutes left afterwards :P

And who hasn't run it with "prince megahit" for unlimited level-jumps just to see how it ended? (though i did eventually manage to finish it start to end without cheating)


One of the most annoying fights in the game. How do you fight off an immortal skeleton? :P


So, what was your first game? any funny things about them you'd like to tell us?

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Game: Super Mario Bros. 1988

Media: Nintendo Entertainment System

Fun(ny) facts:  I think the funniest thing about it was I got the system for Christmas when I was four, and my dad had the habit of getting us up at like 2 am to open our gifts. Well, my mother, who by the way was an avid gamer, had already opened it and was sitting there playing the game. She's like, oh this is yours, you can play it tomorrow go back to bed. It's funny now, but I didn't think it was that funny then. I spent many moons going from castle to castle.

Was good/bad because: It was good at the time, very easy to get into. Not long after I started playing the Legend of Zelda and it kind of overshadowed Mario. The bad part about it was that once you beat it, you could beat it in a matter of hours. I did like the few glitches they left in the game. One is on level 4-2 I think, where at the end there's a turtle that you can kick against the brick staircase and constantly bounce on him to get 99 lives.


I never played Prince of Persia on the PC, my interaction with that particular game was the newer one for Xbox and watching my nephew play it. He loved it.

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I thought I would do one for console and one for PC






Game: Super Mario Bros. 1988


Media: Nintendo Entertainment System


Fun(ny) facts:  For the first few years, I would have to go to my cousin's apartment to play the game (she had a lot of games). Eventually, she just gave me her NES and the game. It also came with duck shooting ...


Was good/bad because: It had secret areas you could go into, like down the pipes. That was good. Also taught me what plumbers were - guys who go down pipes. I can't think of anything bad to say about it. Of course, by today's standards it's crap, but that's not a fair comparison. For it's time, it was good.


PC Game




Game: Gods


Media: PC


Fun(ny) facts:  Even though being young, I would stay up until late playing this game with my dad, which he had bought from overseas. Sometimes, even after I had gone to sleep, my dad would stay up playing it and the next morning he would be like, "I beat the boss!" Thanks, dad ...


Was good/bad because: It was good because it had really interesting puzzles to figure out (a lot of lever pulling), jumping at the right spot (or otherwise falling to your death) and interesting bosses. It was pretty atmospheric as well. Can't find a bad thing to say about it. Even today, I would probably still play it again for the feels.


I never got Prince of Persia. I had that on my PC too but, I think it was a glitch, I would keep on running to the right and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

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My dad used to play this game and I played it myself, for a short time. It's the very first game, not counting educational games, I've played. The Co-op gameplay is also great.


I wish I could play it again for nostalgia.

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Game: Duck Hunt (1985)

Media: Nintendo Entertainment System

Fun Facts:Came with Super Mario Bros. as a deal.  My dad got this before i was born. We would cheat by standing right next to the TV to shoot the ducks. The dog was super annoying. Not many lightgun games were made. This was the only one i played

Was good/bad because: It was alright, very easy to cheat at but the gameplay got old very fast.




Game: Doom(1993)

Media: PC

Fun Facts: Pretty much the Father of all first person shooters. it pioneered immersive 3D graphics and networked multiplayer gaming. Notorious for its high levels of graphic violence and satanic imagery. If my parents knew that i played this, i would of probably been grounded.

Was good/bad because: Top notched for its time, I remember playing this a Duke Nukem 3d during my childhood. It spawned a genre that's at the for front of gaming today.

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Game: Pong

Media: Console

Fun(ny) facts I was about 5 at the time, and lacked the co-ordination to play well - which is probably why my friend always wanted to play it!

Was good/bad because: As a first game, back in the early 1980s it was awesome! 



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I have no idea what order these were in, other than DOOM/Wolfenstein is probably last.


Game: Galaga or Pacman

Media: Arcade

Fun(ny) facts: I was never allowed to touch the atari system, but I could play these at the pizza place

Was good/bad because: Bad because I would die too fast and was only given only enough for 1 play while waiting for pizza. Solid arcade games though.


Game: Super Mario Brothers

Media: Console/Nintendo Entertainment System

Fun(ny) facts: Came with the console, otherwise I am pretty sure I would not have played or known about it.

Was good because: Solid platformer that even a kid could get the hang of quickly, and unlike games made these days: without tutorials.


Game: Number Cruncher

Media: Apple II

Fun(ny) facts: I do not remember anything about this game other than the name of it, what I played it on, the large floppy it was played from, and that I played it alot at elementry school.

Was good/bad because: See above


Game: Wolfenstein or DOOM

Media: DOS

Fun(ny) facts: Played these at electronics stores alot while parents were shopping for other things. No idea why these games seemed to always be loaded on demo computers in every store though.

Was good because: DOOM is good because it is one game I could still play today for more than 5 minutes, and not just for nostalgia. I have never played Wolfenstein outside of the demos in stores though.



Edit: I just remembered that I played The Legend of Zelda on the NES at the house of a friend before I ever played any other NES game. It may be the first console game I can actually remember that I played. One thing I can definitely remember that stood out to me about the game at the time was that it was odd that 255 was the maximum number of rupees that could be had.

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