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The American Revolution

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:56 PM - 0921021

Just saying, all this intellectual debate is making me hot for some of you guys.
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Posted 30 January 2015 - 11:19 AM - 0921022

The colonists had nothing to do with Prussia, to be asked to foot the bill for Prussia's ambitions to keep Silesia is unreasonable.



To state that they were footing the bill for the Prussian's war is massively overstating their financial contribution. They were asked to start footing the bill for their own defence and for some aspects of their administration. That is not unreasonable, and it was an inevitable event that was merely (and arguably?) accelerated by the series of wars that Britain was involved in.

Besides which, on a global political scale what is good for Britain is good for her Colonies too.




Britain overplayed its hand and lost a valuable colony as a result. It's as simple as that.


Or is it? I have been mulling over a thought (it takes a while for me to think). If you stop looking at the American Revolution with the preconception of 'them poor people oppressed until they break" you could make a case that actually there was a hard core of revolutionaries who always wanted independance, and simply manipulated the colonists into wanting the same by manufacturing (or making the most of) crises and spinning events for their advantage.

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